Qore Performance® Restocks and New Product Drops: how do I get in on them and when do they happen?

Qore Performance® Restocks and New Product Drops: how do I get in on them and when do they happen?


If you just want to sign up for LAUNCHPAD emails, click here.

If you'd like to learn more about why we use LAUNCHPAD emails, read on. If you just want the emails and don't care, that is cool too.

Recently, we installed a new NOTIFY WHEN BACK IN STOCK button on all of our product pages (see example images below). All you have to do is click on the eponymous button and then enter your email. As soon as that item is restocked, you'll get an email. Then you just have to pounce as soon as that email hits your inbox because everything has been selling extremely quickly in 2023. Screenshot of desktop and mobile for reference below:

We don’t have specific ETAs on when our new products will drop or when our existing products will restock.

"What? But, y'all invent, design, engineer, manufacture, market and distribute all of your own products. How could you not know when they will drop or restock?"

That is an excellent question and the answer is both simple and complex. In short:

1. Raw Materials Supply Chain - unfortunately, supply chain issues are real for us too. While they haven't hit us nearly as hard as some other companies thanks to the work of our Operations and Manufacturing Teams, we are not (totally) immune to supply chain woes. We don't want to cry about it and we won't harp on it, but we do want to be transparent and disclose it.

2. Production Design - once the raw materials arrive, then we begin work on our Production Design. We aren't going to go into too many details here because we'd be getting into some trade secret stuff, but this basically means that we have to design how we are going to build the new product at scale, but to our exacting standards. This can be much trickier than it sounds.

3. Quality Control - an extension of #2, we have to make sure that our Production Design is both efficient and consistent to hit our high Q/C standards. We build every product knowing that someone may depend on it to save/preserve/protect life and this isn't something we take lightly. 

As part of our continuing effort to gradually move away from Big Tech/environments that endorse censorship, we no longer post new product drops/restocks to social media. All of our new product drops and restock alerts go exclusively to our LAUNCHPAD email subs as soon as they are ready. The sign up box is in our homepage footer on our website or you can click here to sign up.


  • Qore Performance

    Hi Soravit,
    Yes, we plan on restocking IMS Vers soon.
    Qore Performance Customer Support Team

  • Soravit Dechkunakorn

    Good morning,

    I’m wondering when r u goin to restock the IMS Versa Combo?
    I already put my email to get notified when it is back.
    I’m just curious tho.

    Thank you

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