Shop App Solutions & Troubleshooting - Substance over Convenience

Shop App Solutions & Troubleshooting - Substance over Convenience

The systems that retailers, e-commerce platforms and direct to consumer manufactures (like Qore Performance) utilize on a daily basis are ever evolving and are constantly being updated. These updates can come at any time. The mark of a forward thinking entity is one that implements updates with a risk to consumer analysis prior to going live. Timing is everything when it comes to reducing overall risk. When we plan our platform updates we take a methodical approach to ensure the lowest risk to our most valuable assets, you, our customer. 

We can't speak for all entities in the business space but what we can do is inform you of things that we witness that are pertinent to your overall experience with us. This is why we would like to take the opportunity to divulge some information that we have recently acquired in regards to Shop App orders.

The Shop App for those who are unaware is an all-inclusive application that allows the customer to search for products, purchase products, and to view the shipping information relative to the purchase. Quite frankly, it’s an extremely convenient experience and allows a single source to provide a substantial amount of information but like all systems it is not without issues. 

There have been a number of customer communications over the past couple weeks in regards to the shipping information being provided by the Shop App. Some of our customers have reported seeing tracking information that doesn't quite add up. For example, shipping from Indonesia and Asia in general. Some have reported receiving delivery updates when their order hasn't even shipped. We would like to reiterate that Qore Performance HQ is in Knoxville, TN and for all of our customers who order through our website, your order will ship from Knoxville, TN. For those who order from one of our International Distributors, your order will ship from the respective distributor location. If you are having discrepancies with your order through the Shop App, feel free to reach out to us and it will be our pleasure to assist you in finding the truth amidst the chaos some systems cause. 

 Shop App showing incorrect shipping origin, featuring QORE Performance plate carrier shoulder pads for plate carrier ventilation.

Above: A customer submitted photo concerning the issue of orders being shown as originating in Asia (Red square) while order information (Blue square) shows our Knoxville, TN HQ address as the actual shipping origin.

To summarize, systems are ever evolving and updating and this will inherently bring about some disruption to what has been in order to improve upon it. We will always provide you with clear, concise, decisive, and transparent information about your order. The Shop App is an extremely convenient tool but not without its own set of issues. Our customers are our most valuable asset and we take into consideration all of the information they provide us in order to create a better experience. We are here for you as you are for us. Signing out from Knoxville, TN.

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