How Drive Thru's Work: Should my team be at a fixed location or mobile?

How Drive Thru's Work: Should my team be at a fixed location or mobile?

This is a common question when setting up a new line busting operation at a new client drive thru. While fixed positions are still better than speaker box service, they are far from optimal. The main reason for this is because long lines and delays can still form if the window gets behind delivering food. Pay particular attention to this if your menu and food preparation are more complex and can take more time. 

The highest performing drive-thru operations have teams who are able to move freely throughout the line to get orders into the system. This is one of the unintended consequences/shortcomings of fixed infrastructure like awnings and canopies. While they are great and certainly have their place as part of a comprehensive line busting system, they cannot adapt to surge periods where teams need to be able to move up and down the line to keep orders flowing and customers moving through the lanes. This is especially true for dual/multi-lane drive thru locations that have exit lanes. It is called a drive thru after all...

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They say “teamwork makes the dream work.” Drive thru line busting is no different. Working in teams (generally of two employees each) allows line busters to “piggyback” cars so there is no delay in orders getting to the kitchen.

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