HOTBLOQ for ICECASE iPad Heating Case: Instructions and Warnings

HOTBLOQ for ICECASE iPad Heating Case: Instructions and Warnings

Below, you'll find instructions and warnings for the utilization of our all-new HOTBLOQ heating element for the ICECASE iPad Heating Case.

The ICECASE iPad Heating Case warms iPads in cold weather, helping you unlock the full potential of your iPad by enabling it to operate in every environment. This capability powers you and your team, unlocking new opportunities for profit and growth. As the world's most powerful iPad heating case, ICECASE is a productivity powerhouse for drive-thru QSR, cold-chain logistics, ramp workers, oil & gas, mining, and anyone who uses an iPad in cold conditions.

Be sure to read all the information below to ensure the safe use of the HOTBLOQ:


  • Microwave oven only
    • Use of microwaves above 1200 Watts not recommended
    • HOTBLOQ must be removed from ICECASE iPad Heating Case prior to microwave use

  • Do not exceed 200 °F
    • Product may be permanently damaged
    • Product may leak hot water, scalding hazard

  • Heating times vary by microwave power level
  • You can find your microwave's power level by checking the sticker on the back of your appliance:

    Microwave information sticker
  • Recommended heating times chart per microwave power levels (Wattage):
    Power Level Wattage Time in Microwave
    1200 Watts 1:45
    1100 Watts 2:00
    1000 Watts 2:15
    900 Watts 2:30
    800 Watts 2:45
    700 Watts 3:00
    600 Watts 3:15


HOTBLOQ being heated with a microwave oven.

Above: HOTBLOQ being heated up using a microwave oven, shown using FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed).


  • Handling instructions:
    • Handle with care after heating to avoid burns
    • When hot, avoid direct skin contact with BLOQ itself
      • Use mitt/glove/cloth, or hold by Cassette only

  • Usage Instructions:
    • Use only in environments below 35°F
    • When exiting cold environment, remove HOTBLOQ from ICECASE to avoid overheating iPad
    • Use caution if storing additional pre-heated HOTBLOQ outside ICECASE
      • Do not store in a clothes pocket, for example
      • Recommend storage in Insulated Sleeve rated for 200°F or higher


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