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Qore Performance and StayFrosty Patch Pack 2

Size Guide

Our first Patch Pack sold out in record time and we are super excited to release the new Patch Pack 2! Patch Pack 2 still features our emblematic Q-Hex logo, but this time in white on black. Our #StayFrosty patch is an all-new design and now features an IcePlate silhouette in our Hydration Blue. The Patch Pack is crafted in high-quality, durable PVC. Both hook and loop sides of Velcro are included, allowing you to create a custom location for your Patch Pack. Like Maverick and Goose, Patch Pack 2 is the perfect wingman for your range bag, deployment bag, EDC backpack, field jacket, patrol bag, rifle case, loop-lined cover, patch wall, gun safe liner, favorite baby blanket, tactical diaper bag, patch wall in your Mom's basement (thanks to JM for that one) or just about any other cool place you want to fly the colors and #StayFrosty. Patch Pack 2 is smaller than Patch Pack 1 for more versatility, so we passed the savings on!

  • Qore Performance patch measures 2.5" wide x 2.5" tall
  • #StayFrosty patch measures 3" wide x 3/4" tall
Come on dude, it's a patch, you don't need sizes

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