IceVents Shoulder Pads
IceVents Shoulder Pads
IceVents Plate Carrier Shoulder Pad is ideal for minimalist plate carriers like the SKD PIG Brig
IceVents Plate Backpack Shoulder Pads fit any pack on the market
IceVents Shoulder Pads are compatible with IcePlate Safety Vest

IceVents Shoulder Pads

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IceVents are the most advanced Plate Carrier and Pack/Ruck shoulder pad ever created, vastly outperforming foam padding.
  • Keeps you dry and cool under heavy kit
  • Incredibly strong; up to 5000 lbs. load bearing capacity
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-microbial; washable
  • Weighs less than 1 oz
  • Universal attachment interface
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Customer Reviews

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Great Product

Used on a plate carrier. Nothing but great things so far!

Great load disbursement

I prefer a streamlined plate carrier for less overall bulk, however the thin shoulder straps on my Spiritus LV/119 can dig in during periods of extended wear. The IceVents shoulder pads do an excellent job of evenly spreading the load over a larger surface area. I’m located in central Florida, so I knew going into it that the evaporative cooling effect was going to be non-existent here. The added comfort is worth it none the less.

Instagram Handle: the_dostroyer88

Having been using these on my IOTV gen 3 for the past three weeks and absolutely love them. They have made extended wear of the armor far more comfortable and do a great job at covering up the Velcro tabs that can scratch your face while donning and doffing.


Great product really helps with the heat and weight distribution.

Not that great

After almost 17 years of service with deployments across the Middle East and Africa, I knew wearing kit sucks. Currently working at Ft Bragg I thought I’d give these a try. Not as good as I thought they’d be, comfy yes but cooling no. I didn’t notice any difference.

Hi Oliver, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with the community. This type of feedback helps us all be better at the end of the day! We are stoked to hear that you find the IceVents comfy, but we are sorry they didn't meet your expectations when it comes to cooling. Given the humid climate of North Carolina, it might be helpful to take a look at the descriptions on the IceVents product page where it is noted: 'This is ideal for dry and arid climates where evaporative cooling is effective. For humid climates, we recommend the unrivaled conductive cooling power of IcePlate.' IceVents significantly enhance ventilation to facilitate the natural evaporative cooling process your body uses. However, evaporative cooling isn't effective in humid climates. For humid climates, like North Carolina, only the conductive cooling power of IcePlate will actually make you feel 'cold.' We'd be happy to exchange your IceVents for an IcePlate if this is the feeling/end state you desire. Just let us know as your satisfaction is our top priority! Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com. Additionally, we have a rich resource library on our IceAge Insights Blog about the science of cooling/heating the human body and the best ways for you to do this given your mission/application. This article on Body Armor Cooling is a great place to start:



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