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"Rack em. Stack em. Pack em."

Introducing the IcePlate Pelican Package. We partnered with Pelican to give your team/unit the ultimate in mobile cooling & hydration with unprecedented efficiency for expeditionary operations. 

IcePlate was designed from the beginning to be geometrically optimized for heavy-duty coolers like the Pelican 50, 70 and 95 Elite Coolers. With built-in stacking geometry, IcePlate is able to store 30% more water in the same space compared to bottled water. This efficiency makes the IcePlate Pelican Package the best solution for rapid field deployments where cooling or water are needed in remote areas like disaster relief, military deployments, mass casualty incidents and mobile field force. It is also an ideal combination for everyday field use like classes on the range, construction sites and recreational excursions. 

The IcePlate Pelican Package: Always Be Cool. 


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