HiVis StayFrosty Vest for Outside Order Taking
HiVis StayFrosty Vest for Outside Order Taking
HiVis StayFrosty Vest for Outside Order Taking
HiVis StayFrosty Vest for Outside Order Taking

HiVis StayFrosty Vest for Outside Order Taking

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The HiVis StayFrosty Vest for Outside Order Taking is the most powerful cooling/warming safety vest on the market. The result of a unique collaboration with SOARescue and a group of Chick-fil-A Arizona Operators, the HiVis StayFrosty Vest combines High Visibility and multiple work functions into a single piece kit. Keep your team cool, productive, and safe for hours!

Note: Each Vest includes two (2) IcePlates.

  • Purchase one (1) Vest for each outside position (provides two hours of cooling);
  • Purchase two (2) extra IcePlates for each additional two hour shift;
  • Eliminate customer complaints with our Drive Thru Sign (included for free with the purchase of three (3) or more Vests).
Cooling + Heating Fill and freeze IcePlates for an unparalleled 70 Watts of Cooling Power per plate, keeping your team cool for hours. Fill with hot water and enjoy the conductive heating effect
High Visibility Features Safety Yellow and 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material for high visibility.
ToolBelt Integral component of each HSV adds additional high visibility background material and reflectivity for safety. The ToolBelt features purpose built pockets for unparalleled productivity (additional information below). 
Easy to Clean Body-facing black nylon limits IcePlate condensation in humid climates presenting a clean look and reducing maintenance requirements. Ultralight, durable 4.3 oz. Polyester construction is machine washable. 

Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials.

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Specs and Details

Additional Features


ToolBelt Sizing
Available in two sizes: Standard (< 35" waist) and Extended (> 35"waist)

  • Large Radio Pouch holds up to Motorola XTS or Harris MBITR radios or Blaze Defense Systems BDS40 Mk9 Fire Suppression Tool
  • Medium Mag Pouch for auxiliary batteries (such as Anker PowerCore 20000) or SOARescue MED Mag Kits.
  • Small Radio Pouch for iPhone, Galaxy Smartphones or Motorola TalkAbout FRS radios or similar
  • Pen/Stylus/Flashlight pocket
Bulk Orders

Bulk Unit/Agency/Corporate Orders: For 100 units or more, please email us with your Unit/Agency/Company in the Subject line from your official email account (personal email addresses will not be processed) and a Qore Performance representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great product

Keeps my team cool and they really enjoy how comfortable the back pack version is. Also great customer service and very responsive thank you!!

Great Hearts

Review Thank you so much for assisting us with our Ice Vest order. It was a wonderful experience working with your team. They jumped right on the order and helped us get the vests delivered to all of our campuses in only a few days. Traffic duty before the vests was a miserable task, and at the beginning of the school year it can take over an hour to get all the pick ups completed. Several of our teachers experienced heat stroke. Thanks to the vests everyone is happy and comfortable.

Job Saver

I love my ice vest. I do not believe that I would have been able to keep my crossing guard position without it. Phoenix is just too warm and the humidity during monsoon season is high.

Great for TX Summer Heat

Our team loves the iceplate safety cooling vests! It makes being outdoors in the heat so much easier

AZ summer

This is very helpful being a UPS driver in Phoenix!