Wearable Hydration Technology - Qore Performance

The Team

Justin Li

Justin is a graduate of The George Washington University, earning a degree in Conflict & Security with a minor in Chinese studies. He began his career with Oakley Inc. where he managed distribution in the Asia/South Pacific region, and then moved on to run a boutique real estate firm, Intermarket Investment Group as Vice President and Managing Member after his father passed away in May 2008. In 2010, Justin joined the San Diego County Sheriff Department as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, where he has gained expertise in Law Enforcement operations. He is an avid outdoors enthusiast and enjoys pushing gear to the limit.

CrossFit, Shooting Sports, Tennis, Skiing, Backpacking

J.D. Willcox

J.D. earned a Management Science and Engineering degree from Stanford University, where he played Division 1 baseball for four years. After a year in the front office at the Boston Red Sox under Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer, he joined DC Energy, a leading energy trading firm. As the trading business grew, J.D. was promoted to Director, leading and managing successful trading portfolios while also spearheading recruiting and professional development. J.D. is also the Board President for the nonprofit Giving Circles Fund. He craves team competition and actively seeks innovation to challenge existing conventions. J.D. Joined forces with Justin to launch Qore Performance in May 2013 and leads production, testing, and innovation.

Baseball, Softball, Ultimate, Golf, Pilates

Doug Burr

Doug studied math at the University of Maryland and has a background in sales training, development, and management. Doug works to spread the Qore Performance message, developing new users and lifelong customers. Doug originally joined Qore Performance because of his love for athletics and his desire to gain a competitive advantage in everything he does. As an avid golfer and basketball player, Doug uses and tests Qore gear nearly every day in different activities. Doug joined Qore Performance efforts in early 2014.

Golf, Training, Tennis

Scott Stern

Scott is an Economics and Mathematics graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. He worked at DC Energy, a leading energy trading firm, for more than six years prior to joining the Qore Performance team. He now leads technical and logistical efforts through the brand launch and beyond. Scott is an expert in streamlining processes, and is drawn to the power of Qore gear to make the body operate more efficiently. He enjoys keeping the Qore Performance team healthy with daily meal choices and workout itineraries. Scott joined the Qore Performance team in March 2014.

Spenser Linney

Spenser is a graduate of Stanford University, where he majored in Science, Technology, & Society. He works to refine and develop Qore Performance product messaging and its brand aesthetic, including the creation of its media content. A California native, Spenser enjoys exploring Washington D.C. and uses Qore Performance to help him withstand the dehydrating East Coast summers.

Baseball, Golf, Training

Stephen Howe

A graduate of the College of William and Mary, Stephen majored in Computer Science and minored in Intramural Sports. Prior to joining Qore, Stephen spent five years working with local youth sports leagues as an official and referee trainer. At Qore, Stephen helps spread the word about how Qore can improve athletic performance in athletic competition. When he's not in the office, Stephen can usually be found in the weight room or out on a field playing a team sport.

Weight Lifting, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Frisbee

Tarah Milbank

Sales, Marketing, and Innovation