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"I bought a pair of the shorts a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them. I have been so impressed with how well the boxers work to cool my body off. I have had some strange looks while changing the Qores out which has led to the conversation of what in the heck I was doing. After telling people about the Qore and the shorts – they always want to know where to get them."

Tyler M., Golfer (Austin, TX)

"Tested the shorts out on both the bike and a tough hill run….they did very well! Bottom line, the concept of the cold packs near the big arteries in the legs have a direct impact on improved performance in warm climates. When I did the Half Ironman in Kona back in 2011, we dumped chunks of ice down our shorts in the half marathon to get the same effects. I have trained with your shorts and they work great. One set of frozen packs keep me cool for at least an hour in the heat of the day."

Casey F., Triathlon

"Yes, the product you sent me was great. I like everything about it. I can use at work and when I’m out with my children and the weather changes. I want to have something like that with me all the time. The best thing about it is that it’s secured to your body. Cool – a product that says what it’s going to do does what it’s going to do. A product that you can be behind [and trust] is very hard to find these days…I recommend this product to anybody."

Donnie G., Law Enforcement

"I perceived a noticeable cooling effect throughout the run, with only minimal sweating until after the run was finished (I usually sweat a lot more than that during similar runs in similar temperature/ humidity). The biggest benefit was the overall comfort, which I thought contributed greatly to my endurance on the hilly portions, overall positive mindset, and general enjoyment of the activity."

Jay B., US Government

"The feedback from the crew have been great on the cooling gear. They have felt the difference. The [guys] that have worn it say it works great."

Kris O., Oil & Gas

"Once I started riding I noticed that my heart rate was about 10 point below where it normally is. When I ride my average heart rate is about 146. For the first lap my average heart rate was about 132 and my max effort heart rate was in the 150’s versus the 160’s. After the first lap my heart rates went back to normal but I suspect that it is due to the melting of cold packs. I have been recording my laptimes, calories burnt, and HR information for this ride for four years. Today’s ride was the sixth fastest time I have turned in (out of 90 recorded rides)."

Tom L., Law Enforcement (DHS)

"We play a lot of hot games out here in Oakland and in our division in Texas. Any little advantage we can get, we’re looking to achieve. I think Qore Performance is a unique, innovative approach to performance apparel and in a few years, you’re going to see a lot of professional athletes using it."

Sam F., Professional Baseball

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