ICECASE is the only iPad cooling/heating case on the market today.

    ICECASE® vs. Other iPad Cases: Cooling

    If you’ve ever used your iPhone or iPad in the sun for a while, you know how easily they can overheat. But what if your iPad is a critical component of your job? You can’t afford to just sit there and wait for it to cool off on its own. Enter the ICECASE® iPad CoolingCase. The most powerful cooling iPad case on the market, ICECASE® gives your team the ability to unlock the iPad’s full potential in every environment.

    This case uses a similar technology to our revolutionary ICEPLATE®, harnessing the power of PMQ to provide sustained cooling to keep your iPad, and your crucial business operations, running longer. Simply insert it into your ICECASE® to improve your devices runtime and efficiency.

    ICECASE® vs. Other iPad Cases: Heating

    When an iPad is exposed to the extreme cold for too long, not only will its battery die more quickly, but you may also find it impossible to charge until the device warms backup. This is absolutely unacceptable if you rely on an iPad to run parts of your business.The ICECASE® iPad Heating Case with Wrist Strap gives your device the capability to function in even the harshest environments.

    The functionality is quite simple. Just pop open your ICECASE® Heating Case, place a primed hand warmer into the HOTBLOQ® heating tray, and enjoy improved battery life in the cold. Replacing hand warmers is also incredibly easy and efficient, saving you time and money when you need it most.

    ICECASE® vs. Other iPad Cases: SUNSHIELD®

    If you’ve ever used your iPad outside, you know the glare from the sun can be a serious impediment to your experience. Not only that, but if left exposed to the sun for too long, your iPad could overheat. That’s why we include our SUNSHIELD® with each ICECASE® Cooling iPad case.

    This iPad sunshade will not only keep the sun off your screen to help with visibility but will also help control the temperature. So, not only is it easier to perform your critical business operations, but you can do it for longer too.

    Who Can Use ICECASE®?

    Drive Thru Teams: In an effort to better serve your customers, you may have team members taking drive thru orders with iPads. In the heat or cold, your iPads lose charge much faster than normal and may even overheat, leaving them unable to function. The cooling/heating power of an ICECASE® empowers your team and equipment to handle even the harshest conditions.

    Cold-Chain: Working in cold-chain logistics, your iPad will be exposed to cold temperatures for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on your device’s battery life. An ICECASE® heating case will keep your iPad functioning much longer, saving you charging trips or money on additional replacement iPads.

    Pilots: Although a cockpit might feel cool and comfortable, your iPad can still overheat when exposed to direct sunlight for too long. On a long flight, this can be disastrous. The cooling power of the ICECASE® will keep your critical equipment from overheating and improve battery life.

    Anyone: The ICECASE® can be beneficial to anyone! Maybe you’re recording a ballgame at the local park in the summer and your iPad overheats right at the wrong moment. Or you’re camping in the cold mountains and want to watch a movie you’ve downloaded. Whatever the situation, the cooling/heating power of the ICECASE® gives you the ability to handle any temperature Mother Nature may throw your way.

    What iPads Are Compatible with ICECASE®?

    Currently, our ICECASE® iPad Cooling and Heating Cases are compatible with 4 types of iPads:

    • iPad Mini (6th gen)
    • iPad Mini (5th gen)
    • iPad 9.7 (5th - 6th gen)
    • iPad 10.2 (7th – 9th gen)

    If you are looking for a cooling/heating case for your iPad Pro or iPad Air, custom programs for these platforms are available. MOQ’s apply.

    Made in the USA

    At Qore Performance, we are dedicated to producing products that are entirely made in the USA, using domestically sourced materials. We strive for perfection, conducting extensive testing in both laboratory and field environments to ensure that our materials and products are uncompromising in their performance. From our exclusive ICEPLATE EXO® Laminate to premium American-made hardware and authentic Velcro brand hook and loop (built to military specification), we meticulously choose materials that are fullyMade in the USA and fulfill their designated purpose. We take pride in the fact that our ICECASE® line is produced entirely in-house at our Knoxville, TN headquarters


    ICECASE® cools iPads for 1-2 hours.*

    ICECASE heats iPad for 1-2 hours.**

    Yes! ICECASE® will also protect your device from minor falls and bumps. It is not designed to be water/weather resistant or protect the screen since it is optimized for maximum productivity and modularity.

    No. ICEBLOQ utilizes a special phase change material to extract heat from the iPad with little to no condensation.***

    Yes. ICECASE® provides full access to the rear camera port. It’s worth noting that there will be partial occlusion using an iPad Mini. This can be easily fixed by switching to the 3x zoom.

    Yes. As soon as we have enough customers/demand. Click here to let us know your organization is interested in purchasing ICECASE® for iPad Pro and/or iPad Air and reserve your production slot today!

    Yes. The SunShield is designed to accept adhesive-backed Velcro for the mounting of credit card readers in the best position/orientation for you and your team.

    Yes. Our ICECASE Strap Kit is actually quite a bit more comfortable than a conventional neck strap and we designed it that way based on extensive customer feedback.

    Easily! ICECASE® has a Lightning and USB-C compatible charging port built-in, so you can keep your iPad in the ICECASE® for charging. There is no need to remove your iPad from ICECASE® for charging.

    Not yet. Deployment of our StayFrosty app is 100% at the mercy of the App Store.

    Yes. MOQs apply. Click here to contact us about a custom branded SunShields.

    The quickest way to recharge ICEBLOQ® is to drop it directly into a small bin filled with ice water. The more ice you have in your mix, the faster ICEBLOQ® will recharge. With enough ice, your ICEBLOQ® can recharge in 15-30 minutes.

    *The exact cooling duration for ICECASE depends on a number of factors like solar exposure, iPad model, device age, battery status/condition, ambient temperature, etc. Results may vary. 

    **Results are dependent on a number of factors like ambient temperature, iPad model, device age, battery status/conditions, and the performance of the single use hand warmer. Single use, exothermic hand warmers can be extremely inconsistent in their performance, so multiple hand warmers may need to be tried/used. 

    ***Trace amounts of condensation may present on days with extreme humidity.