Technical Plate Carrier Review and Setup: Agilite K-Zero Plate Carrier

Technical Plate Carrier Review and Setup: Agilite K-Zero Plate Carrier

Founded in 2006, Agilite, is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. They are known for producing a range of tactical gear for the IDF as well as private individuals. They make both the K-19 and the newer, K-Zero. We reviewed the Agilite K-19 previously here on our channel and in response to viewer requests, we'll be providing an overview of the K-Zero today in this technical plate carrier review. With so many requests for this review, the big question we want answered is how the K-Zero stacks up in today's plate carrier market. Stay tuned to this installment of Qore Performance INSIGHTS to find out.


For those of you new to Qore Performance and our INSIGHTS series, these videos and articles are not traditional “review videos.” Our purpose for creating them was to address common questions from customers regarding the integration of our IceAge Ecosystem: a combination of thermoregulation, hydration, and performance enhancement tools for the modern, armed professional which augment other plate carriers on the market. Our approach is majorly data-driven with laser-like empirical focus. While we strive for objectivity, we consciously steer clear of anything that might be perceived as qualitative, biased, or based on mere opinion. We recognize that our viewers are mature and professional individuals. Our goal is to arm you with the facts so you can choose life preserving gear that enables you to reach your full potential. With that established, let’s dive into the K-Zero.


IceAge Ecosystem Integration

Starting with IceAge Ecosystem integration, the K-Zero is compatible with both IMS Versa and IMS, upgrading the K-Zero with the potential for cooling, heating and hydration via ICEPLATE® Curve. This integration greatly enhances human performance in austere environments and helps prevent temperature related injuries such as heat stroke or hypothermia. Conversely, attaching ICEVENTS® to the shoulder straps for standoff ventilation proved difficult, but possible, as did routing the Source 90 drink tube for ICEPLATE® Curve.

IceAge Ecosystem Integration Comparison Chart

ICEVENTS® Aero ICEVENTS® Classic ICEVENTS® Classic Ventilation Pontoons IMS
Qore Performance ICEPLATE EXO®
Crye Precision AVS  
Ferro Concepts FCPC V5
Crye Precision SPC
Crye Precision JPC 2.0
Spiritus Systems LV-119
Velocity Systems SCARAB LT
Agilite K19      
Agilite K-Zero
Shaw Concepts ARC V2
Defense Mechanisms MEPC
LBT 6094
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus 6
Haley Strategic Thorax
T.REX Arms AC1


Dry Weight

Weight plays a crucial role in equipment selection. With a standard capacity thirty round magazine of 5.56 ammunition weighing approximately 1.08 Ibs, lighter gear and carrying more magazines could be the tie-breaker in a life-threatening situation. The K-Zero, on Agilite's website, is listed at 1.74lbs (27.84oz). However, our independent, real-world measurements for a size Medium found it to actually weigh 1.92lbs (30.65oz). 

Weight Dry (ounces)
Qore Performance ICEPLATE EXO® 16
T.REX Arms AC1 17.05
Haley Strategic Thorax 20.80
Crye Precision SPC 21.15
Ferro Concepts FCPC V5 21.6
Crye Precision JPC 2.0 22.95
Spiritus Systems LV-119 23
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus 6 23.4
Defense Mechanisms MEPC 23.9
Agilite K-Zero 30.65
Velocity Systems SCARAB LT 33.25
LBT 6094 38.85
Shaw Concepts ARC V2 39.75
Agilite K19 41.6
Crye Precision AVS 48.35

Wet Weight

The K-Zero's wet weight stands at 2.97Ibs (47.50oz). How does this compare to its peers? You can find previously reviewed carrier’s comparative data from our in-depth "Best Plate Carriers of 2023" and our “Best Plate Carriers of 2024” article and video across all charts listed in this article:

Weight Wet (ounces)
Qore Performance ICEPLATE EXO® 26.5
T.REX Arms AC1 26.65
Ferro Concepts FCPC V5 31.5
Spiritus Systems LV-119 32.4
Crye Precision SPC 34.9
Crye Precision JPC 2.0 39.6
Defense Mechanisms MEPC 40.25
Haley Strategic Thorax 45.40
Agilite K-Zero 47.50
Shaw Concepts ARC V2 60.7
Agilite K19 62.8
Velocity Systems SCARAB LT 66.3
LBT 6094 68.75
Crye Precision AVS 70.95



The K-Zero features 500D CORDURA® Mil Spec Tactical Nylon, Laser-cut Squadron™ laminate, Laser-cut Velcro® MOLLE overlay panels, and Integral closed-cell comfort foam. If you’d like to learn more about the use of spacer mesh in plate carriers and the science behind it, click here.


Thermal Transmittance: 

An often overlooked metric of plate carrier performance is thermal transmittance. With thermal transmittance for our purposes, the quick explanation is that bigger numbers means greater ventilation of heat while smaller numbers mean the carrier traps more heat. In simpler terms, thermal transmittance reflects how well the carrier can prevent overheating. Our baseline thermal reading for the K-Zero in a temperature controlled environment with a ballistic plate installed comes out to 83°F. Introducing the ICEPLATE® inside the K-Zero resulted in a temperature drop to 76°F, amounting to a thermal shift of 7°F.

When compared to other plate carriers on the market from our “Best Plate Carriers of 2024” shootout, the K-Zero falls here.

Thermal Shift
(Big Numbers = Good, Small Numbers = Bad)
Qore Performance
T.REX Arms AC1 28˚F
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus 6 25˚F
Crye Precision JPC 2.0 20.9˚F
Spiritus Systems LV-119 18.0˚F
Haley Strategic Thorax 18.0˚F
Crye Precision SPC 14.0˚F
Defense Mechanisms MEPC 13.0˚F
LBT 6094 11.0 ˚F
Shaw Concepts ARC V2 10-30°F
Ferro Concepts FCPC V5 8.8˚F
Crye Precision AVS 4.0-9.0˚F
Velocity Systems SCARAB LT 7.0˚F
Agilite K-Zero 7.0˚F
Agilite K19 4.7˚F

So what does that mean? For those unfamiliar with our previous technical reviews, and to break it down for the non-nerds out there, the smaller the number between the baseline surface temperature and the ICEPLATE® inside surface temperature, the lower the thermal transmittance of that plate bag. The worse the carrier is at expelling heat from the interface between your body and the plate carrier. Conversely, the larger the thermal transmittance number the more efficient the plate carrier is at expelling heat from your body carrier interface. To really simplify: Smaller numbers mean you run hotter, bigger numbers mean you run cooler.

In the data we are about to present, the smaller the Thermal Transmittance number, the worse the carrier is at expelling heat from the interface between your body and the plate carrier. The larger the Thermal Transmittance number, the more efficient the plate carrier is at expelling heat from your body/carrier interface. In other words, smaller numbers mean you run hotter; bigger numbers mean you run cooler. When it comes to Thermal Transmittance, big numbers are good.

Unique Features:

Agilite describes the K-Zero plate carrier with a particular emphasis on its comfort, citing its proprietary "V" design which they believe aids in the distribution of weight and reduction of pressure points.

According to, comfort is defined as:

‘Comfort : a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.’

In an effort to create an empirical value for comfort, we will break the concept of comfort down into its constituent components: size, weight, insulation, ventilation, and hydrophobic capability.

  • Size: The K-Zero, in a medium size, measures 10.2” in width, has a height of 12.6”, and a maximum thickness of 1.25”.

  • Weight: Earlier, we noted the K-Zero's dry weight as 1.92 lbs and a wet weight of 2.97 lbs.

  • Insulation: The side of the K-Zero's plate bags that faces the body is primarily composed of spacer mesh and foam padding. Our thermal transmittance test recorded a thermal shift of 7°F, suggesting that the K-Zero offers considerable insulation.

  • Ventilation: The K-Zero emphasis on comfort and padding limits ventilation. The skeletonized cummerbund is the design's primary avenue for ventilation.

  • Hydrophobic Capability: Our tests indicated that the K-Zero absorbs up to 1.05 lbs of water weight. 

Based on the feedback we have received from our customers and our audience, we know there is a desire in the market for us to be able to rate “comfort” empirically. What are your thoughts on incorporating ‘comfort’ via technical criteria into future reviews? What categories do you think we should include? Is our list adequate or did we leave some important factors out? Let us know in the comments below so we can build a truly unbiased, market-driven, standardized and objective way of measuring comfort for all plate carriers on the market today.

Attachment Mechanisms:

The K-Zero supports a range of attachment methods including MOLLE, Velcro, and Swiftclip/G-hook.


Available in Multicam, Ranger Green, Black, and Coyote.

Sizing Adjustability:

The K-Zero comes in medium and large sizes. Its adjustability spans from 35” to 56” for the cummerbund and 9” to 12” for the shoulder.


Plate Bags

The K-Zero plate carrier accommodates 10x12, SAPI Medium, or SAPI Large armor plates.

SAPI ESAPI Swimmer Additional Notes
Qore Performance ICEPLATE EXO®
9.5" x 12.5" up to 1.1" for Medium ESAPI armor plates.
10" x 12" and 10" x 12" Shooter Cut up to 1.1" thick for Medium SAPI plates*
Ferro Concepts FCPC V5
M & L plates up to 1" thick
Crye Precision SPC
  Specific Model S-XL
Crye Precision AVS
  Specific Model S-XL
Crye Precision JPC 2.0
Agilite K19
  All 10x12 plates up to 1.5" thick
Agilite K-Zero
Accommodates 10x12, SAPI Medium, or SAPI Large armor plates.
Spiritus Systems LV-119
    M-XL up to 1.2" thick
Velocity Systems SCARAB LT  
  S-XL up to 1" thick
Shaw Concepts 


S-M size fits Small and Medium SAPI Plates while the L-XL fits Large and Extra Large SAPI Plates. 

Defense Mechanisms MEPC


LBT 6094
S-XL up to Level IV Thickness
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus 6
S-XL. Cut for ESAPI or SPEAR armor plate geometries.
Haley Strategic Thorax
T.REX Arms AC1
For sizes, the AC1 is available for Small Plates, Medium Plates and Large Plates. T.REX Arms breaks this down on the AC1 product page with both SAPI sizing, Single or Multi-Curve Shooter or Swimmer Plate Sizing and a separate chart for various HESCO Plate sizing.

*Use of 10" x 12" Medium Shooter Cut Armor Plates thinner than 1.1" may require sewing additional Velcro fields to the bottom plate retention flap.

Country of Origin:

Every K-Zero, while designed in Israel, is manufactured in Vietnam under Agilite's supervision. The K-Zero is not Berry Compliant.

It's worth noting that when inquiring about the Berry Compliance status of the K-Zero, we reached out on a Tuesday at 2:03 PM Eastern Time and received a response the next day at 4:56 AM Eastern time.

Country of Origin Comparison Chart

USA Outside of USA
Crye Precision SPC
Ferro Concepts FCPC V5
Crye Precision JPC 2.0
Crye Precision AVS
Spiritus Systems LV-119
Velocity Systems SCARAB LT
Qore Performance ICEPLATE EXO®
Agilite K19  
Agilite K-Zero
Shaw Concepts ARC V2
Defense Mechanisms MEPC
LBT 6094
T.REX Arms AC1
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus 6
Haley Strategic Thorax


Pricing for the K-Zero starts at $279 for the basic variants and goes up to $289 for the MultiCam variant.

Price Extras
T.REX Arms AC1 $85.90 - $160.00
Crye Precision JPC 2.0 $241.90 AVS Detachable Flap MOLLE $41.10
Crye Precision SPC $252.00 AVS Flap M4 $101.00, Airlite Detachable Flap MOLLE $29.60
Agilite K-Zero $279.00
Spiritus Systems LV-119 $283.35 Placard 5.56 $59.95
Agilite K19 $289.00 Pincer Placard $69.90
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus 6 $299.95
Defense Mechanisms MEPC $300.00 Cummerbund options priced from $50 to $175
Velocity Systems SCARAB LT $338.00 Quad SwiftClip Placard $90.00
Haley Strategic Thorax $369.00
Ferro Concepts FCPC V5 $385.00 Kangaroo Front Flap $50.00
LBT 6094G
(Modular Plate Carrier)
Crye Precision AVS $661.40 AVS Detachable Flap M4 $60.80
Qore Performance ICEPLATE EXO® $500.00 IMS Pro Combo $165
Shaw Concepts ARC V2
ARC Placard V3 $55, RAM Elastic Insert $30


That is going to do it for our technical review of the Agilite K-Zero. We hope you enjoyed it and that our empirical approach was helpful. Check out our upcoming comprehensive "Best Plate Carriers of 2024" INSIGHTS video and accompanying article for side-by-side data comparisons of all the carriers we have reviewed in 2024. For more on that, check out our other INSIGHTS technical reviews below!

Until next time: #StayFrosty 


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