IceVents Shoulder Pads
IceVents Shoulder Pads
IceVents Plate Carrier Shoulder Pad is ideal for minimalist plate carriers like the SKD PIG Brig
IceVents Plate Backpack Shoulder Pads fit any pack on the market
IceVents Shoulder Pads are compatible with IcePlate Safety Vest

IceVents Shoulder Pads

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IceVents are the most advanced Plate Carrier and Pack/Ruck shoulder pad ever created, vastly outperforming foam padding.
  • Keeps you dry and cool under heavy kit
  • Incredibly strong; up to 5000 lbs. load bearing capacity
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-microbial; washable
  • Weighs less than 1 oz
  • Universal attachment interface
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Customer Reviews

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Great Product

Distributes the weight evenly and definitely helps during extended periods of wearing a plate carrier

Nice great!!!!!!!

Nice great!!!!!

Super breathable!

I just got the shoulder pads in Coyote brown for my issued plate carrier. After a week long shooting package, I can say I'm very happy with my purpose. Some considerations to take though, don and doffing gear can be an issue if you leave your should straps on, an easy fix of course by unclipping your support side. They can bind up on the ends and need adjustment after putting them on so a more rigid structure could be very helpful . Overall, the pads were very handy and saved my shoulders on a long hot and dirty week.

Take my money!

I got these about a month ago as I was preparing to go work in the Mojave desert. I work in the film industry and wear a chest rig Monday-Friday for eleven and a half hours a day. The thought of working in 100+ degrees with my chest rig on wasn’t sounding very appealing so when I found Qore Performance on Instagram I ordered a set. They completely work as advertised. I put them vertically behind my chest pouch and it keeps the air flowing between my tools and my body. I’ve found that I don’t sweat nearly as much as before and I stay much cooler while working. I do still sweat on my chest but I don’t sweat from my brow as much or feel as hot while wearing my gear. I’ve worn these on my rig for 3 5 day weeks straight and I can honestly say that they’ve changed my life wearing this chest rig. I’ll keep them on even when I get back to LA and work in sound stages again. In cooler work environments you just don’t sweat at all. I wanted to wait to write this review until I had enough time to use the product thoroughly .The only thing I’ve noticed is that they have started to smell a little bit. I don’t think there’s anything that can be done about that as they live in sweat day in and day out so it’s not to alarming. Over all 10/10 would recommend to anyone who wears tool belts, backpacks, chest rigs like in the film industry, anyone. It’s a wonderful product. And worth the investment. Once you buy one set you’re going to want more.

Amazing product

I wear plate carriers both on duty as well as have my own setup for out on the range, and summer heat would always make the experience miserable. However, once I decided to give the IceVents a try, I can never imagine wearing a carrier without them. Not only do they allow my body to disperse heat without build up of sweat, but they also help disperse the weight of my carriers and make it so much more comfortable. I can be wearing a carrier for hours without aching shoulders from pressure points. Also the customer service has been extremely helpful and wuick to respond to any questions I’ve had. Overall two thumbs up