IceVents Shoulder Pads
IceVents Shoulder Pads
IceVents Plate Carrier Shoulder Pad is ideal for minimalist plate carriers like the SKD PIG Brig
IceVents Plate Backpack Shoulder Pads fit any pack on the market
IceVents Shoulder Pads are compatible with IcePlate Safety Vest

IceVents Shoulder Pads

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IceVents are the most advanced Plate Carrier and Pack/Ruck shoulder pad ever created, vastly outperforming foam padding.
  • Keeps you dry and cool under heavy kit
  • Incredibly strong; up to 5000 lbs. load bearing capacity
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-microbial; washable
  • Weighs less than 1 oz
  • Universal attachment interface
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Customer Reviews

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A must for heavy kits.

If youre running a slightly over weight PC, this is a great tool to lighten the load on your shoulder trap area. Sort of evens out the pressure on the shoulders and utilizes the springy hexagonal vents to cool and cushion the straps. I dont have the chest and back velcro pads yet but if the shoulder pads hold up well, I might come back for those.
RECOMMENDED: If youre storing your PC on a tough hook like me or a home made mount, I suggest not leaving the pads directly on the mount. Over time I think they will lose their form and stay flat from storing. All in all a great product.


good stuff. they gave my slickster the bit of extra padding i needed to make it basically unnoticeable while loaded.

Customer service isn’t very great.

It’s a cool idea but the product is very wide on my minimalist plate carrier shoulder straps. If I were to trim down the width of the ice vents it would ruin the integrity of the product. I tried to request for a return and called several times since I’ve bought it with no luck.

Hey Matt, apologies again for the break in our communication over the holidays. Customer service is something we take extremely serious and your interactions with us are not only regrettable but completely unacceptable by our standards. Because of your experience we have not only instituted new communication standards but also upgraded our capabilities to respond on time, 365 days a year, to ensure this never happens again. Thank you for your feedback and photos of your plate carrier, and we hope that our interactions with you have not only resolved your frustration, but exceeded your expectations. In the future should you need anything we are here via Chat on our website, Email [at], and by Phone at 703-755-0724. Take care.
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The ultimate in comfort

I currently have a low-vis PC that I love but the shoulder straps are unpadded. After a few hours of training etc, my shoulders really felt the weight. The IceVents have been a godsend. It's amazing that such light pads mitigate the felt weight of my plate carrier and increase the comfort as much as it does. After an 8 hour training day wearing my PC, it was still infinitely more comfortable than just a couple hours without them.

Great product

Work these daily for about 3 weeks and they live up to the hype!



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