10ES5 Don Parker Memorial Patch SAR colors
10ES5 Don Parker Memorial Patch SED colors
10ES5 Don Parker Memorial Patch SDSO colors
Don Parker on the set of Blessings of Liberty with Director Spenser Linney
10ES5 Don Parker Memorial Patch with Qore Performance Trucker Loop Hat in LALO Cam
10ES5 Don Parker Memorial Patch for SED, SDSO and SAR
Sgt. Don Parker leads a House Clearing/CQB training in Encinitas, CA in his throwback SED flight suit
Don Parker and Justin Li on a callout near Scissors Crossing next to Anza Borrego
10ES5 Don Parker in command of the lead Suburban on Blessings of Liberty
A picture Justin took of Don while they were on a callout in the Anza-Borrego Desert
Sgt. Don Parker in his natural habitat
Sgt. Don Parker leads a survival training exercise in the desert
Don Parker and Bob Gustafson, Don is of course riding his Mountain Bike
Sgt. Don Parker (10ES5) and his wife Missy
Justin, Don and Chris take a trip up to visit Justin's alma mater Oakley, Inc. at the Interplanetary World Headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA to evaluate new equipment for their team
The Sgt. Don Parker Memorial Patch: 10ES5

The Sgt. Don Parker Memorial Patch: 10ES5

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It is with heavy hearts that we announce The Sgt. Don Parker Memorial Patch "10ES5." Sgt. Don Parker was a 25 year veteran of the San Diego Sheriff's Department where he spent a significant part of his career with the Emergency Services Division. At ESD, Don served with both SED (SWAT) and SAR. "10ES5" was Don's callsign and reads "Ten Edward Sam Five." These patches are custom made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

100% of the proceeds from sales of "10ES5" will be given directly to Don's family for medical expenses.

On February 14, 2018, Don lost his nine month battle with glioblastoma. Don is survived by his loving wife Missy and three children. We created the "10ES5" Memorial Patch to not only celebrate Don's life of service to others, but also to help his family pay for the significant costs associated with his care. 

In addition to being a talented musician, avid cyclist and fluent French speaker, Don was also the close friend and law enforcement mentor to Qore Performance co-founder Justin Li during their time at SDSO. They worked many callouts together, including the searches for Mickey Guidry, Amber Dubois and Chelsea King. Don also led the multi-agency mission where Justin came up with the idea that he and co-founder J.D. Willcox would later use to start Qore Performance. Don has been an integral supporter of the company since before it was a company. He is also prominently featured in the Qore Performance launch video, Blessings of Liberty (below).

The community has rallied around Don and his family, donating $94,247 of a $100,000 goal, to their GoFundMe campaign since it launched when Don was diagnosed. However, they are still short quite a bit and the bills keep rolling in. Let's help celebrate Don's life, contributions to the community and in the process, ease the financial burden on his family. 

"10ES5" is the exact same size as our Q-Hex IR Patches (3.5" x 2") and is available in three color combinations, each symbolizing a different part of Don's career:

OD Green/Black: for Don's time with SED (SWAT)

Orange/Yellow: for Don's eight years as SAR Coordinator

Black/Yellow: for Don's 25 years of service to the San Diego Sheriff's Department

Thank you for a decade of friendship Don. Thank you for being you.
We send you off with this farewell from our colleague and Reserve Assistant Sheriff Chris Van Gorder:
"10ES5, 10ES5, 10ES5. This is a final call for Sgt. Don Parker. May you rest in peace knowing your strength lives in your wife, your legacy carried on through your children and that your honor will continue with all of us. 10ES5, you are clear for end of watch."
- Justin, J.D. and Doug 

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Great memorial for a great friend who has passed.

Great Product for a Great Cause

Picked up the Sgt. Don Parker Memorial Patch. The patch is of the high quality that is typical of Qore Performance products. Even more important, the patch is a physical representation of this company's dedication to the men and women in law enforcement and public service. I served under Sgt. Don Parker and this patch is a fitting tribute to his memory. I'll wear it proudly. THANKS QORE PERFORMANCE!

Qore Rocks!

Qore is awesome!!

Thank you for honoring Sgt. Parker

A great salute to a real hero.