IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
Coyote IceVents Aero shown with MultiCam IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton (ICE)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
Coyote IceVents Aero shown with Black IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton (ICE)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
IceVents Aero (2-Pack)

IceVents Aero (2-Pack)

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Ergonomically optimized to deliver maximum mobility for overhead movement and prone positions, IceVents Aero Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads bring load carriage and ventilation to the next level at an impossibly light weight.

IceVents Aero Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads are designed for military, law enforcement, security contractors, prepared citizens, and competition athletes (Tactical Games, Crossfit, etc.) wearing minimalist plate carriers, backpacks, or rucks, who prioritize efficiency, speed, and agility.

The teardrop silhouette of IceVents Aero is inspired by bleeding edge aerodynamic designs such as Formula One cars and the Space X Falcon 9. This profile efficiently manages energy, air flow, and load around your body and plate carrier.

IceVents Aero Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads are compatible with any minimalist carrier. For heavy rigs/turtle setups use IceVents Classic Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads.


Each Package Contains:

  • 2x IceVents Aero Universal Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads/Backpack Shoulder Pads
  • 48" roll of OneWrap Hook/Loop Tape (matching)

IceVents Instruction Video

If your duty requires more protective vests such as an IOTV, MBAV, or Entry Vests, we recommend purchasing IceVents Classic Universal Shoulder Pads

Bundles and Combos

Pair IceVents Aero with IceVents Classic. Combo Bundles are available for your:

Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials. Fulfilled from our Sterling, VA HQ. Not subject to ITAR. Patented.

Versatile + Compatible

Can be used for Plate Carriers, backpacks, IceVest HiVis Safety Vest, Military and Police Gun Belts, Tool Belts, or countless other industrial or tactical equipment to deliver unrivaled end-user comfort. Their modular and flexible form makes it simple to adapt IceVents Aero to support your application.

Water Resistant + Anti-Microbial

Unique channel ventilation creates an effective microclimate for long-term comfort and enhanced endurance.

High Tech Materials

Features exclusive and proprietary Supracor Stimulite impact-absorbing hexagonal honeycomb thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) technology. Stimulite is used and proven in the F/A-18 Hornet, V-22 Osprey, 787 Dreamliner, 747-8 Intercontinental and leading medical products.

Cord Management

Hook and Loop accessories enable simple, custom installation and cord/tube management.

Increased Load Bearing Capacity

Loads are absorbed and dispersed evenly throughout the honeycomb matrix in IceVents technology. Because the cells are interconnected, when one cell buckles from impact, the walls of the adjacent cells also buckle to absorb the force, similar to a ripple effect. The fusion-bonded honeycomb in Stimulite absorbs shock in this manner and also has phenomenal load-bearing and load-balancing capability as a result of its elastomeric composition.

Additional Features

  • 90% air by volume, weighs 0.6 ounces
  • IceVents Aero are 38% lighter than IceVents Classic, while offering superior padding and ventilation on the shoulders
  • Omni-directional venting keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Plush hexagonal honeycomb for unmatched load-bearing comfort
  • Load distribution architecture that outperforms foams, reducing fatigue
  • Anti-microbial
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Washable (if needed)
  • Stimulates superficial blood flow to improve circulation
  • Hydrolysis Resistance: does not retain water
  • Stimulite honeycomb TPE technology
  • Nylon Mesh Covering for frictionless plate carrier/pack interface
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 198 degrees Fahrenheit

Specs and Details

  • Each set comes with modular Hook and Loop accessories for customizable installation.
  • Cord Management configuration/setup developed by @GarandThumb
  • Fits: IceVest HiVis, duty plate carrier shoulder straps, Haley Strategic Partners FlatPack and FlatPack Plus, Vertx EDC Gamut and most leading outdoor backpacks.
  • Imperial dimensions: 10.25" x 3” x 0.25" with a 1.5” waist
  • Metric dimensions: 26.04 cm x 7.62 cm x 0.635 cm with a 3.81 cm waist
  • Anisotropic Architecture features three different degrees of flexibility in the length, width and vertically against the surface, allowing IceVents technology to absorb energy or impact from different angles while contouring the body perfectly.

What is the difference between IceVents Classic and IceVents Aero?

IceVents Review

IceVents are available in Black and Coyote Brown. There are no plans to make additional colors at this time. Click here to join our email list to be the first to know of any updates.

Bulk Unit/Agency/Corporate Orders: For 100 units or more, please email us with your Unit/Agency/Company in the Subject line from your official email account (personal email addresses will not be processed) and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

IceVents Aero (2-Pack)

Instagram Handle: erikheaux
Icevents worth the hype

I was recommended these by a friend when I was looking for extra padding for my Crye JPC shoulder straps. Most on the marker are just various versions of foam padding, which helps, but these blew them away because of the way they distribute the weight, instead of just padding it. I was expecting a flimsy Dr. Scholls like texture, but they were firmer and more solid than I expected, which after breaking in was much more comfortable than any other type of strap padding.


Qore is a niche company that makes a compelling product, I purchased the Ice Vent Aero from them. Product is clearly well made, and impactful in performance. Especially on a JPC anything extra helps. Excited to try more products.


Absolutely love the Ice Vent Aero. While my temperature isn’t in the right conditions to notice any
real changes. They make and amazing shoulder pad for my JPC but I haven’t had any sweat marks on my uniform

Great shoulder pads

I have a crye jpc that I wear for 10+ hours at work and knew I needed shoulder pads for it since the jpc lacks in that department. I already have ice vents for my duty belt and knew that I was going to get them for the PC. I bought the aero set because I thought it would look and feel pretty streamlined for my PC which it did. They fit perfectly and add little to no bulk but the weight distribution is where they shine. Because of the hexagonal pattern it really helps distribute the load evenly and helps make it comfortable to wear for my shifts.


First off instant I put them on my JPC I felt the difference. They definitely help distribute the weight on your shoulders and they make wearing the Plate Carrier bearable for long hours at time. I’ve also used for pt type stuff and they don’t move at all while running and jumping.


These pads are life changing. After spending 12+ hours on my feet in kit doing details, my traps and upper back were starting to get sore. So, I had to give them a try. Now I can’t live without them. The technology behind these things is just awesome. A literal weight lifted off my shoulders. If you’re thinking about grabbing a pair, think no more.

Instagram Handle: airbreezyy_
Amazing shoulder support.

Takes allot of weight off the shoulders. Also during training you can actually feel the difference of heat not being trapped on the shoulder from your carrier. Highly recommended product.

Great Hasty Shoulder Rig

Finally got a chance to use these. Still waiting for my plate carrier on backorder (boo COVID!). However, this worked great as shoulder pads for a hasty chest rig. Instead of 1 inch webbing biting into my neck, the IceVents felt much better and distributed the weight over a much larger area.
I was slightly disappointed that the slits in the IceVents were not pre-cut. The indentations are present, but I had to finish the cuts myself. I feel like the machine used to manufacture the IceVents would be more precise than I was.
All in all, a great product. I will be ordering more.

Hi Jason,
Thank you for taking the time to share your IceVents Aero experience with our community. We are happy to hear your IceVents Aero shoulder pads are working for you. The four slits on the sides of the IceVents Aero all come fully cut. Only the two slits at the tips of the IceVents Aero come embossed but not fully cut. If your IceVents Aero shoulder pads came with the four side slits embossed, but not fully cut, please send us a picture to Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com and we'll get those swapped out under warranty for you immediately. The two slits at the tips of the IceVents Aero shoulder pads are intentionally not pre-cut as they are designed for one specific type of duty belt application and even then the side slits are still best for 99% of duty belts. Given this use ratio, embossing the two slits at the tips instead of doing the full cuts keeps the pad stronger with fewer catch points, improving performance in the shoulder pad and most duty belt applications. Hope that helps but please let us know if you have any additional questions! #StayFrosty

IceVents Aero (2-Pack).

The ICE Vents 2pack for shoulders made an immediate comfort improvement to my JPC.

Unfortunately, As I shared with Doug I will be returning one of the ICE Vents that were supposed to be affixed to my carrier. I was not comfortable with the idea of adhesive on my carrier.

Either way, all good! Doug still rocks with his customer service. I appreciate him👍🏽