IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers and Duty/Gun Belts
IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers and Duty/Gun Belts
IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers and Duty/Gun Belts
IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers and Duty/Gun Belts
IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers and Duty/Gun Belts
IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers and Duty/Gun Belts
IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers and Duty/Gun Belts
IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers and Duty/Gun Belts

IceShield Hand Warmer for Plate Carriers and Duty/Gun Belts

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New Design Ergonomically Updated for Winter 2019-2020
IceShield delivers an unparalleled, best-in-class user experience, allowing the use of bare hands in frigid conditions for maximum dexterity, efficiency, and productivity. IceShield is the thinnest, fastest, lightest and most powerful hand warmer on the market today for the modern military or law enforcement operator and is designed to be worn behind contemporary hanger/dangler/med pouches.
Minimalist + Low Profile Originally designed in partnership with Mike Kafka, former Northwestern QB and current Kansas City Chiefs QB Coach. High level QBs have one of the toughest requirements combinations for the hands: dexterity, fine motor movements, speed, lightweight, no bulk, and maneuverability in severe/cold weather. IceShield's slim design fits the modularity and low profile demands of Military and Law Enforcement Professionals, keeping you safer, more comfortable and more productive than ever in chilly conditions.  
Lightweight + Powerful IceShield protects your hands from cold, wind, and the elements by harnessing ultra-premium PolarTec Insulation Technology. This highly breathable, plush insulation, combined with Hi-Loft Fibers and 2mm Neoprene, retains heat with incredible efficiency, preserving dexterity for maximum readiness and utility.
Compatible Thanks to the back side hook and front side loop fields, IceShield can easily be worn behind most Hanger Pouches and is compatible with many gun belts like the Crye Precision Modular Riggers Belt.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

    How To Wear
    History and Design
    IceShield is based on the Roo Outdoor Inferno Hand Warmer, designed by former Northwestern QB and current Chiefs QB Coach Mike Kafka. Mike's original design was the thinnest, highest performance Hand Warmer on the market, meeting and exceeding the needs of professional athletes and hunters at the highest level. We partnered with Mike and evolved his original design to fit the complex needs and demanding work conditions of our Military and Law Enforcement Community.
    Specs and Details
    • Dimensions: 8.25" by 11.5" by 0.25"
    • Weight: 13 oz.
    • Materials: Neoprene, PolarTec Insulation Technology, Multicam
    • Construction: Precision die-cut weather-resistant sealed zipper access port for Heat Packs, heat transfer Qore Performance logo
    • Color-keyed hook/loop multi-purpose interface
    • Made in USA
    Bulk Orders

    Bulk Unit/Agency/Corporate Orders: For 100 units or more, please email us with your Unit/Agency/Company in the Subject line from your official email account (personal email addresses will not be processed) and a Qore Performance representative will contact you within 24 hours.

    Customer Reviews

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    I ordered this product in MC black. It's mounted behind a MC black Ferro Concepts Dangler on my MC black Haley Strategic D3CRX harness (see a trend =P ) . I've used it over the past couple weeks and really put it to the test with these cold weather (relative) conditions we've been having in SoCal.

    The IceShield was very easy to install and matches my setup perfectly. The exterior feels durable and the inside feels luxuriously soft and warm. I'm a HUGE sissy with the cold and my fingers and toes get super cold. I don't shoot or operate with gloves on because it always feels bulky to me (probably because I don't train often with gloves ), so I try not to put gloves on while on patrol, unless it's a riot and I need knuckle protection from flying objects being hurled at the line and extra grip on my riot stick.

    It hasn't been so cold that I had to use the included handwarmer packs, however I found that placing my hands inside the IceShield warmed them up quickly. It's especially useful when you're just standing down waiting to be deployed.

    I hate the cold weather but I'm glad it was around to let me test this out without looking like a crazy lady. Thanks for making a quality product Qore Performance.


    Quality product, excellent materials, low profile when attached to a carrier...nothing out there like it

    Use during a 20 hour OP in S. Korea

    During the day it can get upwards to 40 deg F but with a windchill it feels like 25-30. At night it lowers to 20 but again with windchill it has the potential to drop to 10.
    With that being said, using the Qore handwarmers without gloves during the day was very comfortable with 2 hand warmers in the sleeve, even with windchill. At night having 3-4 handwarmers in the sleeve was toasty enough woth windchill as well.
    For those with bigger hands 4 handwarmers may not be optimal, having 2 and then 2 in the zip up pocket will do it.
    I highly recommend this product to anyone who will be doing operations in the cold.


    Awesome product! Super low profile and keeps your hands at a perfect temperature.



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