Why did I receive a partial refund for my order right after it shipped?

Why did I receive a partial refund for my order right after it shipped?

how to get partial shipping refunds from your online order

Introducing Automatic Shipping Optimization by Qore Performance (ASO). ASO is a unique program created by our Operations Team to optimize the shipping methods for every order after it is placed and before it goes out the door. Sometimes, we find ways to save our customers money based on a wide range of factors like actual shipping weight, specific product combos fitting into different boxes or sometimes changing service types if a less expensive service has the same delivery time (we never compromise delivery time). We know that every delivery situation is unique, so we don't change carriers, we just modify the service type if it will help our customer. If we find a way to save money without compromising shipping time or customer experience, we will execute the change automatically and then immediately issue a refund to you, our valued customer!

Most companies deliver the customer experience that is easy for them. ASO is one of our many efforts to create an experience for our customers that we would want for ourselves.

As always, if you have any questions, please call us at 703.755.0724 or email us. We typically respond in less than an hour Monday through Friday and less than a day on nights and weekends.

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