Introducing #FrostyFriday: rewards for honest, helpful reviews

Justin Li

Get gift cards for writing honest, helpful and insightful reviews for Qore Performance purchases

#FrostyFriday reward reviews by Qore Performance


Who: all members of the #StayFrosty community

What: #FrostyFriday

When: first Friday of each month at 1200 EDT

Where: IG Live @QorePerformance

Why: to recognize outstanding reviews for being helpful, insightful, and illustrative with Qore Performance gift cards  

Join us on the first Friday of every month for #FrostyFriday. The most helpful and insightful customer reviews from the previous month will be shared and receive a gift card as a thank you for your time in sharing your honest opinion in the spirit of assisting others in the community. 

Winning review w/video: $30 gift card

Winning review w/pictures: $20 gift card

Winning review text only: $10 gift card

The more high quality reviews you submit, the better your chances are of being featured and winning a gift card!

Fine print: winning reviews are selected at the absolute and exclusive discretion of Qore Performance, Inc. Gift cards are valid until the end of the calendar year and are intended for use by the recipient only. They cannot be transferred. . All reviews are eligible, regardless of the number of stars, as long as they are honest, helpful and provide insight to the benefit of other users. Specific use cases and setup tips are a couple of great examples for how to provide useful insight for other members of the community. 

Questions? Give us a call at 703.755.0724 or shoot us an email

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