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The Qore Performance Test and Evaluation (T&E) Sample Program for Military units, Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporate Enterprises

The Qore Performance T&E Sample Program is super simple. Here is how it works: 1. Purchase any Qore Performance product you want for T&E on our website (which you are on right now, obviously) here. 2. Save your order number. 3. When your company/team/unit/agency issues a PO for the item(s) you sampled, email us your sample order number. As soon as payment is received, we will credit your account the value of the sample order (up to 20% of PO value) . The Qore Performance T&E Sample Program is valid only for purchases made on our website by enterprise and government customers. Purchases from third party resellers are not eligible for T&E Refund. Email us with any questions here or call us at 703.755.0724 to...

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