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How to Stay Cool in PPE/HAZMAT/CBRNE Suits

Working in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is hot. Dangerously hot. Overheating is the most common injury associated with wearing tarp-like HAZMAT or CBRNE protection suits. I worked in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRNE) Defense world for three years within the Army. I’ve worked the last three years as a full-time HAZMAT Urban Search and Rescue Technician/Medic. Throughout these roles, I have spent well over 100 hours in a HAZMAT suit and hundreds more treating and monitoring soldiers for heat related injuries.   Rescue Team about to enter the Hot Zone in 103 degree (F) weather. Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up! Let’s walk through a common HAZMAT PPE work scenario to give you a picture of these extreme...

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Urban Survival: How to Store Water if you live in a Micro Apartment, Downtown or Major Urban Center

With the practical reality of a voluntary national quarantine now in place, people are hoarding supplies such as toilet paper and bottled water, creating pockets of chaos at stores in the process. Simultaneously over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge influx of people migrating into densely populated cities for work, driving up real estate prices and leading to the creation of what is known as the Micro Apartment. For Micro Apartment residents, IcePlate presents three distinct advantages for emergency water storage over single-use bottled water or jugs: cube space storage density, wearability/portability and environmental sustainability. A Micro Apartment is approximately 450 square feet in size for a studio here in Washington DC. As of March 2020, the average...

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Emergency Water Storage and Quality Control: Putting Every IcePlate to Work

What happens to IcePlates that are blemished and don't pass our initial testing? Effective immediately, they might be useful to you. We construct each IcePlate using advanced, precise, high speed processes. But after an IcePlate comes off the line and its microbe-resistant thermopolymer has hardened into its ergonomic shape, the work does not end. We take care to be sure that your IcePlate will be a piece of equipment you can depend on, with every part individually checked along several dimensions by our QC team. Here's a sample of what your IcePlate goes through before it gets out the door. Checked for color consistency Checked for weight Checked for excess material on inside Checked for soft corners Checked for airtight and watertight sealing with IceCap Checked for...

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When Washing Your Hands Is Not Enough: Using Cooling Vests to Reduce Heat Stress in Medical Workers, Health Care Providers, and First Responders Wearing PPE for Coronavirus/COVID-19

Coronavirus/COVID-19 is highly contagious and requires Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be worn by healthcare providers and first responders to prevent further transmission and infection. However, PPE traps body heat and greatly increases fatigue and risk in users, reducing time available to treat patients. This problem is compounded with the lack of qualified medical professionals, especially in an epidemic or pandemic.  Maximizing the endurance capacity of the limited number of qualified medical professionals to operate safely in contaminated environments provides more overall capacity to successfully manage the response.

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