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Qore Performance Featured on NPR's popular podcast: How I Built This with Guy Raz

"We built a scalpel for athletes.  They asked us to build a sledgehammer for soldiers." Qore Performance Inventor & Co-Founder, Justin Li, featured on the incredibly popular NPR podcast How I Built This with Guy Raz.  Justin talks about the history of Qore Performance, the initial development of Wearable Hydration Technology, and the evolution of the IcePlate.  SHOP ICEPLATE

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Basics of Disaster Preparation: Water Storage

People who live in smaller spaces can have a more difficult time preparing for disasters because they have less available space to store supplies. Water is an important item that takes up lots of space. This article is designed to help people prepare for natural disasters who live in smaller spaces or who have limited storage space.

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How do I wear IcePlate?

If you are reading this article, you know that IcePlate has expanded well beyond the exclusive domain of military/warfighter use. IcePlate now protects tens of thousands of people across dozens of industries and applications in an equal number of countries. This diverse use pool has driven us to create an equally diverse ecosystem of IcePlate carriers. This article is about standalone systems to wear/use IcePlate, but if you want to know how IcePlate works with backpacks or armor, check out our articles on IcePlate Backpack Compatibility and IcePlate Plate Carrier Compatibility. If you are a travel enthusiast or road warrior, then this article on The Best Carry-On Water Bottle for Travel/Flying might be more helpful. Here is a quick video showing just SOME...

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