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How to Clean Your IcePlate

Keeping your IcePlate clean is simple and easy.  Here are a few helpful tips: Dishwasher Safe or Hand Wash IcePlate, including the hose and Bite Valve/Dust Cover Kit, are Dishwasher Safe.  Simply unscrew the cap (this can be stowed in the silverware compartment of your dishwasher) and place the IcePlate cap side down in the lower rack.  If your IcePlate includes our Quick Disconnect feature, the upper portion of the tube can be removed and placed in the top rack. Run the IcePlate through your normal wash and dry cycle.   Another option is to hand wash your IcePlate with a mild soap and water solution.  After filling your sink with hot soapy water, clean IcePlate with a non-scratch surface...

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