IceVents padding redefines what it means to carry duty equipment comfortably.

IceVents technology, construction, and universal adaptability mean you work longer with less fatigue and more comfort. The IceVents family, IceVents Classic and IceVents Aero, use exclusive and proprietary Supracor Stimulite impact-absorbing hexagonal honeycomb thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) technology. Stimulite is used and proven in the F/A-18 Hornet, V-22 Osprey, 787 Dreamliner, 747-8 Intercontinental and leading medical products.

Find the right setup for your kit below.

IceVents Aero

Best For:
  • Minimalist Plate Carrier Shoulders
  • Duty Belt Hips

Inspired by the aerodynamic profile of Formula One cars and the SpaceX Falcon 9/Crew Dragon, IceVents Aero are designed for use with all clothing layers and build on the technology introduced in IceVents Classic to bring superior load carrying and ventilation performance to the next level. At less than 2/3 the weight of the IceVents Classic, IceVents Aero are the must-have shoulder pad for professionals wearing the lightest weight and highest performance plate carriers, backpacks, and rucksacks. Aero also works in tandem with IceVents Classic to provide spectacular lightweight support in a 3-Pack for your gun and/or duty belt.

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IceVents Classic

Best For:
  • Heavy Armor, Packs, and Entry Kit Shoulders
  • Duty Belt Tailbone
  • Plate Carrier Ventilation Pontoons

Used on duty around the world, IceVents Classic have set the standard in high performance plate carrier and duty belt padding technology. Designed for use with Combat Shirts and other collared uniform shirt styles, IceVents Classic provide superior load bearing and airflow under maximum protection equipment. Choose IceVents Classic for headset padding, torso and back support and ventilation under your carrier, or for heavier duty belts.

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IceVents Bundles

IceVents MultiPacks and Bundles give you the best bang for the buck and provide comprehensive padding solutions from the waist up.

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